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Krishivarada – Agri Advisor & Landscape Designing

Each one of you visiting this site is very important for us as each of you have a tremendous potential to contribute towards “Greening the Earth” — our motto.

We provide technical consultancy with a view of generating awareness about organic farming which will lead to healthy environment as well as healthy human beings. As it goes hands-in-hand with nature, indirectly it leads to conservation of various components of nature which is need of time.

Many of you, your family members or your friends may be having farm houses / orchards / landscape around the house or bunglow etc. By designing these areas with a theme and concept, one can contribute a lot towards conservation while earning from their farms/enjoying their holiday homes. Have you ever thought why do you visit hill stations & areas rich in nature for holidays instead of terrace of multi storey building? The reason is…. we are one of the components of nature & not above nature. Hence, we find ourselves more energetic & fresh when we visit such green areas. Therefore why to loose such a golden opportunity to soothe our mother earth if you have a piece of land? This will also give you comfort, satisfaction & relaxation of mind along with certain monetary gains.

But while doing so, we request you to consider the following…

  • Nature plays the key role in any type of farming / plantation / landscaping projects.
  • Long term planning and its implementation are important for achieving desired goals.
  • Initial planning, investment & routine maintenance will decide the quality as well as quantity of returns (yield & aesthetics) on long term basis.
  • Consistency in development of such projects gives a different identity to the project / organization itself.
Areas of consultancy:
  • Landscape Designing & Gardening
  • Fruit & vegetable cultivation
  • Organic farming
  • Farm management system
  • Butterfly & bird garden
  • Biodiversity plantation
  • Environment education
  • Nature tourism
  • Freelance writing & lectures