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How We Function

  • We provide technical guidance on visit basis with regards to all the aspects related to the concerned cultivation.
  • During site visit we interact with client & his farm TEAM for giving suggestions / recommendations.
  • Based on self formulated system, follow up of the suggestions / recommendations are taken during next visit.
  • The work to be carried out is explained / demonstrated if needed, to the site in charge / supervisor during each visit. And visit report is sent to client after every site visit. Getting the desired output is not included under the scope of Krishivarada.
  • We inform about literature, TV programmes, newspapers, books, magazines, exhibitions, trainings & various events related to agriculture, from time to time to educate our client & his farm TEAM.
  • Suggestions are given on scientific principles & safe farming practices – safe for human beings as well as environment.
  • Regional Agricultural University recommendations are taken as basic guideline but every location / site is different in various aspects, hence the location / site specific aspects are considered while giving suggestions / recommendations


आम्ही नियमित भेटीद्वारे विविध प्रकारच्या पिकांसाठी तांत्रिक सल्ला देतो. भेटी दरम्यान आपल्याशी तसेच आपल्या फार्म टीमशी संवाद साधतो. आमचे मार्गदर्शन हे वैज्ञानिक तसेच सुरक्षिततेच्या तत्त्वांवर आधारित असते