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Landscape Designing & Gardening Bird & Butterfly Garden

We provide technical inputs for landscaping, gardening and butterfly & bird garden.
Landscaping is beautification of an area by using various components like plants & other structures like pathways, sit outs, water bodies etc.

•    Site visit & initial meeting to understand client’s requirement
•    Possibility of those requirements to be incorporated in the landscape are discussed
•    A schematic drawing along with schedule of quantities of different plant species & execution details is prepared
•    Based on this drawing & schedule of quantities given by us, execution can be carried out.

We consider following aspects while designing

•    Client’s requirements
•    Retaining topographical features (wherever feasible) & existing trees, if any
•    Native species are incorporated in the design in addition to various ornamental plants
•    Site condition / location
•    Availability of water for irrigation
•    High / low maintenance gardens
•    Aesthetics & utility of the area

We also give concept of butterfly & bird garden. This is aimed to craft a home for these species which not only gives liveliness to the area but also a satisfaction of providing home to these creatures. By doing this, you will be contributing towards nature conservation.

घराभोवती छोटीशी बाग असणे हे प्रत्येकाचेच स्वप्न असते. जागा छोटी असो किंवा मोठी, त्याचे नीट नियोजन केले तर ती बाग उठून दिसते व मनाला एक वेगळाच आनंद आणि समाधान देवून जाते. आम्ही बागेचे आरेखन करून देतो. त्यात तुमच्या आवडीच्या झाडांचा समावेश करण्याचा देखील प्रयत्न करतो. अशा सुनियोजित रचनेमुळे बागेची उपयुक्तता देखील वाढते.

छोट्या बाग बागीचाबरोबरच आम्ही शाळा, कॉलेज, दवाखाने, सार्वजनिक उद्याने, औद्योगिक परिसर, गृहसंकुले इत्यादी साठीचे उद्यान आराखडेही तयार करतो. अशा उद्यानाध्ये पक्षी  आणि फुलपाखरे उद्यानाचे नियोजनही करता येऊ शकते.